Aina löytyy tekosyy. – There’s always an excuse.

Viisaudenhampaan poisto oli paljon helpompi operaatio kuin luulin. Samalla sain hyvän tekosyyn luistaa töistä pariksi päiväksi.

Removal of my wisdom teeth was much less horrible than I thought. And I got an excuse to avoid work for a day or two.

1st panel:
Hi. | You’re lazy and useless. | Paperwork to be done. | Timetables. | Stress. | Your studies are stalling badly. | And your work. | Helloo-o. | Do something. | Waah! I can’t! I don’t want to deal with all this!!! * | * (I know – this is not  very wise, but still, that’s how I tend to react if I have too many problems at the same time.)

2nd panel:
Ha! My wisdom teeth was taken out just yesterday, and I was told to rest. | Prrrl-lt! | I have a feeling that I’m just unable to work today… at all. So sorry. Doctor’s orders, you know. | I think I’ll just spend the whole day in bed reading a good book and eating ice cream. | You haven’t seen the last of us…


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