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Rentoa viivaa. – Just Relax.

tiistai, toukokuu 1st, 2012


Minulle tulee säännöllisin väliajoin tarve ”opetella sottaamaan” ts. uskaltaa piirtää rennommin ja vähemmän perfektionistisesti.

For some reason, I occasionally get this urge to ”learn to make a mess”. Basically, to dare draw in a more relaxed manner and with a less perfectionistic attitude.

It’s been some time since I tried to draw without sketching first. And using a nib pen and a brush.
”Hey, this is kinda… fun.”

”Now everyone will think that I sing when I’m home alone”
A real PRO tip!
”If you want your art to have more ’relaxed’ feeling, you should try drawing with a bleeding nib pen when you’re tired and have had too much coffee so that your hands are shaking. Also, do not sketch.” (Ok, I sketched first two positions just a little.)