All work and no play. (Or maybe just a little bit of the latter.)

You know how some people always tell that you should dream big? Well, at least one of my friends in Finnish science fiction fandom certainly does. So, when he asked if I would do an ad promoting Finlands bid for organising Worldcon in Helsinki in 2015, how could I say no? (Especially when I was bribed with good cider.)

And in case you were wondering, this specific advertisement was made for the program book of upcoming Fencon, which is held in Texas, so it’s perfectly normal, rational and understandable that the illustration is of a fishing polar bear wearing a stetson hat.

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3 kommenttia - “All work and no play. (Or maybe just a little bit of the latter.)”

  1. TJ Kirjoittaa:

    The pic is wonderful.
    Maybe I’ll get a handful of illegal tranqs and sell then at a huge profit to the local Fandom?

  2. Möme Kirjoittaa:

    Tää on hieno. Varsinkin ilta-auringon valot ikkunoissa ja jääkarhun seesteisyys. Kaikki on tasapainossa.

  3. John Coxon Kirjoittaa:

    I’m working for Loncon 3, the Worldcon in 2014, and we have not had any luck in getting a copy of the colour version of this advertisement from Eemeli. If you are able to send it the colour advertisement to us by 9pm GMT (11pm EET) please do: or

    Thank you!

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