Klassikot/ Classics


Panel 1.
In fiction, criminals often blackmail people with naked photos and such…
”You wouldn’t want those to end in wrong hands…”
”You bastard!”

Panel 2.
I would probably just suck being a blackmail victim.
”The obvious reason being I never have any money, but even if we skip that…”

Panel 3.
I just can’t imagine caring very much.
”Oh, good luck with that. Let me know if someone is willing to pay for those. Or even take them for free.”
Let alone anyone else being interested.

Panel 4.
Damn, most people willingly post all their questionable content to the net anyway.
”No wonder it’s hard to find those old style criminals anymore. (If they ever existed in the first place.)”
”I almost feel sorry for them.”
And of course almost no one smokes anymore, and certainly not inside!
(I don’t really smoke either, but that cigarette is kinda elemental for the role.)

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  1. bert Kirjoittaa:

    Justhan Ameriikoissa lyötiin kovat tuomiot kostopornosta. 18 vuotta linnaa ja sakkoja päälle.

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