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Epäilys/ Doubt

tiistai, heinäkuu 28th, 2015


1st panel:
– I’ll go for a jog before we go to bed.
– Ok.

2nd panel:
– You know, I’ve started to worry a bit about this…

3rd panel:
– What if I’m turning into a sporty person?
– Let’s not tell anyone.

Derby-lihakset/ Derby-muscles

tiistai, heinäkuu 21st, 2015


Kolmannet harkat takana. Perse huutaa varmaan hoosiannaa huomenna.

Ekat treenit/ First Practice

sunnuntai, heinäkuu 19th, 2015


1st panel:
– Yay! I survived my first roller derby practice!
– Cool! How many did you kill?

2nd panel:
– It was our first practice. We are only just learning to skate. And you’re not supposed to kill anyone anyway. At least not on purpose.
– Meh.

Archipelacon part II

keskiviikko, heinäkuu 8th, 2015


Archipelacon Part I

perjantai, heinäkuu 3rd, 2015

I am trying to draw some kind of a con report about Archipelacon.
Here’s the first part. I hope to get more done next week.archipelacon_1