Fiktiivinen motivaatio.

Olen viime viikkoina pyöritellyt päässäni mahdollisia sarjisideoita. Hahmot eivät aina ole kovin yhteistyöhaluisia.

During the last weeks I have been mulling over potential ideas for comics. Characters are not always very cooperative.


  1. In a story, something has to happen, but we also have to get the characters involved. They need a motivation to take action.
    Kurt Vonnegut has said that your character should always want something, even if it’s a glass of water.
  2. Wanna do something? | Hmm…
  3. Naah. Don’t feel like it.
  4. Ehm… Do you have any dreams or ambitions? Or maybe some problem that needs to be solved? | No, not really.


  1. Don’t you want anything?! …A glass of water from the kitchen? | I’m not thirsty.
  2. I’m gonna go to sleep now.
  3. Telling stories is hard.

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