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Ainakaan ei tarvitse pelätä addiktoitumista ihan pian.

keskiviikko, maaliskuu 1st, 2017

At least I don’t need to fear that I might get too addicted to social media in near future.


Other people: 
-I spend way too much time online. | -Me too! I removed the FB app from my phone so I wouldn’t use it all the time. | -I’ve decided not to check my e-mail more than twice a day.
And no social media use after 10 pm. | -I take a break from social media once a week. | -I’ve been thinking that I should try that, too.

-Communication – urgh! I should check my e-mails. It’s probably been at least a fortnight since I opened my inbox. I think I should take a peek on FB, too.
…I wonder if I could put those things off for yet another two weeks. Or months.

(Obviously I’m not always that much of an asocial person, but there are times when interaction with the outside world even via computer feels like too much work.)


sunnuntai, marraskuu 6th, 2016

Sketch dump.