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Ongelma ratkaistu.

tiistai, helmikuu 28th, 2017

Problem solved.


Single shot -sized filter basket for our espresso machine’s portafilter got clogged up.

So, while I soak the smaller filter basket to clean it, I have no other option than to use
the bigger filter basket and drink only double espressos.
-I can totally live with that.

Jotain tyyppejä.

maanantai, helmikuu 27th, 2017

Just some random characters.



Kevättalvi ei ole minun juttuni.

sunnuntai, helmikuu 19th, 2017

This time of the year is really not my thing.


-Hello-oo-oo-o! There’s stuff you should take care of! Take a shower, answer your e-mail, cook some food, vacuum the floor, pay the bills!
-Give me even one good reason why I should bother. / -Well, ehrm… there are social norms… or… I’m sure there’s something…
-Thought so. Get back to me if you actually come up with a proper argument. / -Fuck.

Vielä viisi minuuttia.

perjantai, helmikuu 17th, 2017


-Damn. What’s the time? (Alarm didn’t work.)
-Half past ten. Well, that’s not so bad. For a moment there I was afraid that I had slept past noon again.
[Three hours later] -Well fuck.

(I’m pretty sure that aliens abduct me repeatedly. I can’t think of anything else to explain how I can just lose several hours
and afterwards have no idea where that time has gone.)

Tekisi mieli ottaa kantaa, mutta en viitsi.

torstai, helmikuu 16th, 2017


-I’d like to discuss social topics in my blog more often. Comment on stuff that’s important to me.
-But many subjects are so multilayered and complicated that I don’t feel that I know enough to be able to form a well-reasoned and
researched opinion about them. I don’t have enough time to study everything as deeply as I feel I should before I could offer a reasonable
and informed argument on some specific topic. It can often be hard to even determine how reliable different sources are!
-Most people don’t seem to perceive their lack of  knowledge as an obstacle to voicing their opinions.
-Yeah. But there are so many of them already, I doubt it would do any good for me to join in too.

Punajuuri olisi ihan hyvä sarjakuvahahmo.

keskiviikko, helmikuu 15th, 2017


Olen hakenut taas rennompaa asennetta blogijuttujen piirtämiseen, toisin sanoen lasken rimaa että onnistuisin postaamaan
useammin ja pääsemään hyvään päivitysrytmiin. Tätä siitä sitten seuraa.

Lisää hyviä neuvoja.

keskiviikko, helmikuu 15th, 2017


-It’s hard to come up with ideas. Again.
-Maybe Oblique Strategies would help?
-Well that was easy.

(Jos joku ei tiedä, niin Oblique Strategies on Brian Enon ja Peter Schmidtin kehittämä, alunperin korttipakkamuotoinen apuväline esimerkiksi ideoiden kehittelyyn ja luovien blokkien ratkaisuun. Nykyään siitä löytyy useampiakin online-versioita, kuten vaikka tämä.)

Guru ohjeistaa.

maanantai, helmikuu 13th, 2017


-I should update my blog, but I don’t want to draw just lots and lots of talking heads. Especially if it’s just my own. That’s boring as hell, both for me and the readers.
-You could draw other talking body parts for a change!
-Yes! All my problems are now history!