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Jotain tyyppejä.

maanantai, helmikuu 27th, 2017

Just some random characters.



Ennakoimaton digipaasto.

sunnuntai, lokakuu 2nd, 2016

Unplanned unplugging.


My iPad died during the summer. So, no Netflix in bed anymore.
Now my phone has also started to crash pretty often. That makes listening to podcasts harder than before.
It’s a bit annoying, but at least that means I’m reading more books again. They are much more durable than mobile devices and don’t crash all the time.
I admit that I’m a bit worried because my computer has also gotten slower during the last few months…

Lauma pikkuelukoita.

sunnuntai, syyskuu 25th, 2016

Just some random critters.