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sunnuntai, lokakuu 9th, 2016


Ennakoimaton digipaasto.

sunnuntai, lokakuu 2nd, 2016

Unplanned unplugging.


My iPad died during the summer. So, no Netflix in bed anymore.
Now my phone has also started to crash pretty often. That makes listening to podcasts harder than before.
It’s a bit annoying, but at least that means I’m reading more books again. They are much more durable than mobile devices and don’t crash all the time.
I admit that I’m a bit worried because my computer has also gotten slower during the last few months…

Vastausten etsintää.

maanantai, syyskuu 19th, 2016

Seeking for answers.


– Hi. Can I bother you for a moment?
– People are just quarreling all the time. It feels like many are not even willing to try to understand each other. Is there anything I could do?
– Well… I think you might still find a free cave on the neighboring mountain.

Sinä pystyt siihen!

torstai, syyskuu 15th, 2016

You can do it!


Trust your feelings! Listen to your inner voice!
Don’t just sit there and think – take action!

Universumilla on asiaa.

maanantai, syyskuu 12th, 2016

Universe has a message for you.


The Universe loves us! It always gives us just the thing we need most!
We just need to keep our minds OPEN to receive it’s mess– sage.

Elintenluovutus/ Organ donation

perjantai, syyskuu 2nd, 2016


– Hey, organ donation cards – Nice, I’ll take a new one.
(I have misplaced my old card).
– But… What if my organs are all crappy and useless?!
(Eww! Terrible stinky good-for-nothing rubbish!)

Yleisökysymyksiä/ Questions From The Audience

torstai, syyskuu 1st, 2016


Tekninen ongelma.

maanantai, toukokuu 30th, 2016



Sain kaivettua skannerin esiin. Silti on ehkä pakko yrittää siivota lähiaikoina kunnolla.

Making faces.

perjantai, toukokuu 20th, 2016

It’s a tragedy, but visually interesting one.


Less pressure, more fun.

tiistai, huhtikuu 26th, 2016

Here’s some life advice, whether you need it or not.